Thursday, July 27, 2006

When i was young we had 2 Lhasa Apso dogs.
The male's name was Toshi.

My Mom chose it, though I don't know how or why. We had him I think before Star Wars and I didn't name him. In star Wars, Luke wanted to go to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters. It wast the local hangout for Tatooine young adults.

I had a dream last night and Toshi was in it;

I started running a footrace, like a 10k or something, in the countryside. among many people in the starting line Bo, Luke, and Daisy happened to running the race too. Eventually I was running alone, and got on a giant new skyway/beltway (like how a highway runs around/thru a city but up way high, like Baltimore, Philly, Toronto.) I'm alone running uphill on this perfect, new black asphalt lane that felt like a running track. It's night time. Muggy, super quiet, and humid. High up. Moisture in the air like last night was, every surface like it's sweating. A giant Sears Tower to the left, the only structure in and against the dark grey foggy giant sky that surrounds the skyway lanes. Colors lIke I'm on Kamino, the cloners rain planet from Attack of the Clones, but it's not raining. I'm thinking "I guess that's Toronto's Sears Tower. Hmm!.

I start getting up to the highest part of this beltway where it levels off and there's this lone box, like a shed in the middle of the road lane. I get to it and Glenn Close is stooped against it, like she was in the race too, catching her breath. I stop to chat with her and we both start looking back down the beltway and deducing we must have missed a turn in the race route because no one is coming up the beltway. Or did we? But at her feet, milling around like normal milling, is my old dog Toshi. LIke he was her dog and was jogging the race with her.

I'm in that deep REM sleep of a dream where it's so vivid and real to the senses that I start realizing I'm in a dream and begin thinking about what the dream means from within the dream. I begin piecing the elements together, separating the suboncious message meanings from the easier things that are just recent dashes of normal life into the dream sauce -- muggy and foggy (the drive home last night from band practice), lone uphill new asphalt beltway, up at top, Glenn close and I made a wrong turn maybe?, Toshi my old dog is there (thinking about Toshi station from watching Star Wars/your website)

Then the giant outtro chorus of Mellencamp's "Pink Houses" yanks me from the dream into my bedroom as my alarm clock goes off with 107.1's morning playlist. I lay there mad about this. I finally get up for work and have the thought in me that Lawrence Kasdan needs to trick all the actors of the Big Chill into a secret conf call. So he can get Glenn, Kline, Goldblum, JoBeth, Hurt, Berenger, and the others on the line to get honest feedback on his serious idea of a Big Chill 2, but the same characters at the age they'd be now in 2006. Because if he sent message to all of them (via their pubicist's) saying "I'd like us all on a call to discuss a Big Chill 2", some of them would vote their opinion by blowing it off.

That was my Thursday morning. How was yours?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Good. Good for her.

I bet Paris Hilton is happy Liz won't be slimming down to compete with her. Glad Liz feels that she could be a threat if she felt like it.

Elsewhere in entertainment, a young inner city child, born of criminal, drug addicted parents was given a chance to express herself via a small play put on in her class. This moment of expression and release instilled in her a sense of achievement and boosted her self-esteem enough to see, for the first time, a way out of the sad and depressing life she foresaw for herself every time she cried herself asleep... asleep to the screams, angry noise, and despair coming from her parents bedroom.

After this moment, the knowing teacher saw for the first time a sense of strength in the young girl. An instance of clarity for both of them, that she would be allright.

But goddamn't, we don't have time for such drivel.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Look here's the bullshit man, right here:

True friends understand you're human.

Blah blah fuckin blah, all the way to the gourd of omnipotent disclaimers that validate and correctly temper the legitimacy of subtle dishes which poke and jab at political correctness in self-expression....

but fuck all ya'all... (in a good way)

Try to lay down some heavy concientious high maintenance diatribe b.s. while REO Speedwagon's 'Roll With The The Changes' is blaring thru your headphones while typing.
The simplicity of Life and the neeedlessness of b.s will greet you much faster than it took me to write this sentence.

5 beautiful pitchers with treasured friends hours earlier doesn't make it easy [to type]. But it makes the Valhalla ending [of the REO tune] really effing awesome.

Get over yourself. Live a little.
The humidity hasn't been that bad yet,


Monday, July 03, 2006

To quote Porchsleeper...

Vince Neil - Drunk Again

Read about it here, from

Press Release / June 30 in Tampa, Florida Vince Neil headlined a show at the St. Pete Times Forum, with special guests Ratt. John Corabi, one time singer for Motley Crue has worked with Ratt for several years now, and he and Vince have had a very amicable working relationship, having shared several bills over the years, and working with many of the same musicians at one time or another.

It is no secret that Vince Neil has had some issues with alcohol over the years, and unfortunately those issues reared their ugly head in Tampa. According to eye witness reports, Vince took the stage already inebriated. He began his performance singing off key, mumbling, and staggering around the stage. At the twenty-three minute mark, Vince wandered off to the side of the stage, where some reports have him collapsing on stage. His band, which featured Jeff Blando (guitar) and Dana Strum (bass) carried on without him, performing three Led Zeppelin songs with Jeff handling vocals. The band carried on in the utmost professional manner. They deserve all the respect in the world for this as musicians and performers.

Meanwhile backstage, management approached John Corabi to head out on stage to help them out of this already ridiculous situation. John accepted and took to the stage to pick up the set with Live Wire. John performed about half of the song while holding up a shaky Neil. Who at one point in the song grabbed the mic and announced "I love this mother-fucker" referring to John. Corabi got a good laugh out of this and seeing that Vince was determined to carry on, finished the song and took a bow, and left the stage. The show ended shortly after with Vince not being able to carry on.
Considering Corabi's past experiences with Motley management, his taking the stage for any amount of time was not something that he had to do. His actions speak volumes as to the kind of person that he is, and that he is truly a professional! Not to mention that he sounded incredible, there is video of some of the incident on the web.

I have to say that I have all the respect in the world for Vince's band, and John Corabi, and feel that their professionalism should be emulated throughout the music business. With a huge tour with Aerosmith looming this fall, Motley may need to think about having Corabi open the shows as an insurance policy, so should Aerosmith! The fans are speaking out on message boards all over the web, and would love to hear from you at"

See some of it here:

Horribly hilarious. The few times he manages to get his drunken howling out of his mouth (to attempt the English language) is worth waiting for as he meanders around the stage.