Thursday, April 26, 2007

Da' Jack Wabbit go from HERE...ta' DERE'.

It's been a long while, but man did I make up for it.
I can't introduce this with only one clever line, I need a few.

1. An SNL or MAD TV sketch triumphing public access can't and won't ever top actual Public Access.

2. Keep in mind this woman is talking to her mother this whole time, on air.

3. You thought Nicole's admissions to Tom in that Eyes Wide Shut bedroom pot smoking scene was an intense example of "what women really think"...

4. You can't get any more "Wait for it..." than these clips. Just when you think this woman has boldly covered it all and spoken her mind, she hasn't. She's got more to say, uh-huh. So wait for it if you knows what's good fo' ya's...

Vagina Power vs. Penis Power

Then watch Vagina Power: Halloween Show

It's public access, so it's safe. On headphones.