Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, hoi

It's been awhile. A whole summer and half a Fall in fact, but it's felt like a full sweaty tumble down some stairs if you ask me (and get my clever joke)

[sipping my wine. "Conundrum", 2004. No, really. It's a nice white that starts sweet like a Riesling but finishes with a black TV static-ey fuzz to the taste buds. It's label talks about how it's a conundrum to figure out because it's flavor/taste can kinda go with anything. Oh wait, I forgot to mention I'm in my comfy purple Lazyboy with my iPod playing Romantic Addagios II as I blog using my company-issued PC laptop, which I found on the shelf (the addagios) at All Media Guide before I left there for my current job.

This blogging is the most time i have spent in this chair since I moved in mid summer. Since I started the new job. Befoe the dark times... before the Empire.

I'd love to go on and on about how I have been more stressed and tweaked in the past 3 months than I ever have with a job, ever. But I can ironically get the immensity of it across by saying that it's so true that you can ask anyone who knows me, even those who haven't seen me at all. Because everyone has noticed that Dave the "Hemingway of email" up and essentially digitally disappeared since mid June. Retina's everywhere have been rejoicing in re-moistured glory for almost 4 months now. My job at this startup has delivered on every web article's promise of how stressed and crazy a startup is. And more. When Pointdexter the red haired nerd in thick glasses from Revenge of the Nerds got high for the first time at the Tri Lamb/Omego Mu party, he asked aloud of the nerdgirl trying to get in his pants "No, really... would you rather live in the ascendency of a civilization or it's decline?" Nerdgirl blew off the question with her reply: "Pointdexter...do you wanna f*ck, OR NOT??". He nodded, she grabbed his crotch very aggressively and let out his weird Bill The Cat-esque "uwrACK!!" scream he does a few times in the movie, and the scene cut to some other impending nerd sex situations.

The point is, people... I think about that scene every day now.

I'm also going to see Don Rickles do standup this Friday and then Van Halen (Roth, Eddie, Al, and Wolfie) the next on Saturday. My life deserves such a weekend, and so does yours, you hockey puck.

Don is literally the last of the generation of Rat Packers, is still sharp, and when will I get a chance to see any legit comic of that era today? Much could be said similiarly of the Van Halen. But what do i know? For all you care, I could be sitting in Palm Springs in the sun, the chicken fat on the body, getting a nice burn, not botherin' anybody. And really, why should you care? Like you have something better to do than stay in Valencia all day and watch the oranges go bad? Nice way to support the family there, dummy.

Goshdamn it, I'm tired.