Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nothing ever changes unless there's some pain.
-Roland Orzabal

Well, it sucks anyway, regardless.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi there,
It's been awhile. I went to London to see some bands I always loved from my teens Level 42 and Go West, got backstage each night and met them all. Walked around London much of the time, rode trains around the UK and London, met cool people, saw cool stuff. Saw the comedy show Little Britain live on stage which was hilarious.

Now it's Thanksgiving already.

By the way last post was about how pissed I was at people being on a bandwagon of dissing the new Killers album for ripping off Bruce Springsteen. IMO it doesn't. It doesn't sound like Bruce Springsteen except for one homage-esque chord progression. And the Killers actually said they were in a Springsteen phase the past few years and let it filter thru them because they loved it so much. Kind of like, oh, um, every musican who ever listened to music that they liked which then inspired them? So, so what?

Anyway, that's that.