Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

The Van Halen Memorial Day '84 radio special --

The peak and best of times for VH, a sweet 4 hours of full VH tunes spliced with them partying in the radio studio, cracking each other up, wasted, and Roth being Roth telling great stories to sequeway the songs. The Top of the World period for them. And you can hear it.

It just got posted at the Van Halen News Desk and talk about a time capsule. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

My best pal in high school Dan taped this off the air and we'd pound beers in the summer and replay this out the car speakers at the drinking spots. This special covers everything we all loved about the VH. I've looked for this for years online. This recording should go in the R&R Hall of Fame archives.

If you don't have the time to hear thru all the songs, you can move slider to end of songs and hear Roth doing his jive. I just got full body goose bumps re-hearing (for first time in over 20 years) the one Roth quote my buddy and I used to drunkenly recant all the time:

At 19:18 in:
"...we're havin' the biiiig first weekend of the summer celebration babies, we're talkin' Mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-...Memorial Day! So remem-ber-er-er-er-er...stick with me, cuz I'm with Michael, Alex, Ed's gonna be joinin' me in a minute...Flame On!
[announcer]: Our party with Van Halen is just getting started, so don't go away."

I haven't hit a Memorial Day since and not said that to myself. Every year.

Don't put this in your notes, put it in your life.

Friday, January 12, 2007

HD will win out over Blu-Ray. Period. I call it now. I have been wondering for awhile how HD and Blu-Ray would fare, but this cinched it.

Adult film industry embracing HD DVD

Has anyone ever read any history, ever?? Any tech format that went with porn, they won. Always and forever. Market share, changing tech parameters, improved laser bit read rations per sq. inch of media, blah blah blah...the common denominator is if this guy can see Ginger Lynn play hide the salami's.

"Sony suffered by their reluctance to sign licensing agreements with studios to have films made available in Betamax. Sony also refused to allow pornographic material to be released for their system. Betamax's combination of lower market share and a lack of software both strengthened VHS's hand, and gradually the public turned away from Beta. In 1983 the top selling video recorder in the UK was the Sanyo Beta VTC5000. 1984 was Beta's best year with a 25% market share, but by 1986 it was down to 7.5% and continued to decline further."