Monday, September 28, 2009

New KISS tune

'Modern Day Delilah'

From their new coming album 'Sonic Boom'

I like it, it's got all the Kiss song requirements - easy riff, nice guitar solo, references to guns, mistakes, a damaged woman sleazing out and betraying the protagonist, and someone in the song being brought to their knees for whatever reason.

And at least one good Paul line to mimic: "shame shame shame on you, girl!"

I was driving a load of stuff to the new apartment (been moving) and came in on it, and just when i realized "this has to be the new Kiss tune", the guitar solo kicked in and I was flat out amazed that:
a - it was 'in your face' mix wise. "Yes, a-hole, THIS IS A GUITAR SOLO IN 2009"
b- it was twice as long as any guitar solo you hear nowadays.
c - it was a flat out old school guitar solo. Soulful and dick-waggy, meant to transmit to chicks "meet me at the bus after, I know some awesome tricks. This is just a tease."

If I was 16 and dish-washing at Rams Horn on a Saturday night hating my "working Saturday night" teenage life and this tune came on the grease-caked dish station radio, the song and especially the solo would rejuvenate me for at least another 2 hours.

Which is what good Rokk is supposed to be.