Friday, April 25, 2008

Thy Will Be Open

Last weekend was quite a religious themed one. Maybe it's a sign to blog more.

Friday I go to funeral for an Aunt in Toledo. Lutheran service, at this old school church the Belows have been going to since the 50s. I was baptized there. The pastor is relatively new there, but older. Definitely a hippie pastor who's all about church not needing to be depressing and sullen. This guys must have been quite a hippie in the 60s. Because...he actually kareoke'd to a contemporary Christian soft pop song. Didn't sing along, but did calls and answers to the choruses and tried to "lift it" even more. It was so surreal, Christopher Guest could not have staged or improv'd a more incredulous WTF? moment. So many people were squeezing down their smiles and lowering their heads to not laugh in order to get through it. It was quite the introduction to Christian/Lutheran church for Masha who's never been to a funeral, or really hung out in a Christian church service.

Get up Saturday, and go sit in a basketball arena and watch the Dalai Lama teach the basics of Buddhism.

Saturday evening go to Hill auditorium to see Chick Corea, Bobby McFerrin, Jack DeJohnette--
Chick is a scientologist as high in rank as Tom Cruise. It's true.
Bobby Mcferrin is a Buddhist who was on a panel in A2 Friday night with Richard Gere and Steve Segal. Yes, Segal, who is actually a certified Buddhist incarnate. As in, the powers that be said he indeed is the reincarnation of some past lama from the zen Buddhist sect.)
Jack is Christian with some Buddhism mixed in I think.

Sunday I have Passover dinner with Masha's college friends, a couple who live in Ferndale who invited us since 3 of the 4 of us are Jewish. The funny thing is, masha and every friend of hers, Jewish or not, thought I was Jewish when they first met me. I might be from my biological mother's side (which is how you confirm it), but haven't been able to confirm yet.

Now excuse me while I slip into a running suit, sneakers, bunk bed and cut my nuts off. The Heaven's Gate comet is swinging by tonight and I need to be ready to hitch a ride.