Tuesday, August 22, 2006

From a response of mine to a drinking buddy who commented he doesn't think he'll be able to party at all in 20 years:

Dude, It will be like our Dads did - sipping on a fav drink at functions and not getting too wild.

That's when our kids start to learn from observation "what Dad's drink is". Which they'll think has always been our drink (because we don't tell them how much we actually got shitfaced back in our day). Then when oure kids get older, start cutting back, and settling on that one thing they know they like and doesn't tear them up, then they realize the generational chain of it all.

Circle of life.

I'm proud of that one.

Monday, August 14, 2006

August Nights

I was on phone with friend last night, in my easy chair, windows open, dusk time on a summer August Sunday night. I flipped over and saw the last minutes of your Amereca's Funniest Videos. That finishes and they cut to the outdoor shot of the host, with a location audience in the main street of Disneyland behind him, the Disney Castle in the distance behind him. (The Mouse/Disney/Buena Vista owning everything in the world, they film so many one-off clip shows, game show moments shows at Disneyland)

I had this sensory, full body flush of memory that was really cool and overwhelming:

Growing up, young enough when you didn't go out at night (except to spend night at your friends), or be playing down the block after dinnertime on Sundays, the TV shows my family plopped and watched was usually whatever was on ABC Sunday nights, which was always some Disney special, or Disney sponsored movie. As the summer wound down, weekend trips or vacations were to a minimum, and part of the summer wind down experience (sliding into school year schedules) was watching TV regularly on Sunday nights again. Those cool August nights, that "back to school tomorrow" feeling.

That experience, that sensation rippled itself thru me instantly last night when my brain registered:
- Channel 7/ABC
- The light blue, lit-up Disney castle in background
- Family entertainment
- Cool, beautiful dusk August Sunday night
- me watching TV at that moment.

I was totally 6-7-8-9-10 again.I felt the summer winding down like I did when I was that age.

Probably moreso than I have since I was little because I packed in enough fun and adventures this summer (concerts, partying, mini-trips) that paralleled as many bike rides, dirtclod fights, family vacations, "kill the guy (with the ball)" ('smear the queer' as you may know it), Goonie and Stand By Me expeditions around your suburbs, 7-11 trips for baseball cards and candy, and touch football in the street.

When I was little, the last image I saw (and dreaded) was the end credit sequence that signed off that that night's show was brought to you by Disney, and they had this animation of the star arc'ing over the castle. That was the visual sign of "bedtime" for me.

I know Fast Food Nation can prove some evil inherit in that perfect kiddie branding/brainwashing, but a shooting star at night time arc'ing over a castle ain't so bad for a kid to associate with bedtime.